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REC PAPIER WHITE white paper packaging for recycling!


Our REC PAPIER WHITE packaging is made of environmentally friendly paper that is easily recyclable. It stands out with high water vapor barrier, high oxygen barrier, good heat-sealing ability and high mechanical strength, which gives it a wide range of applications for packaging various types of food products such as confectionery, tea, snacks.

White paper packaging allows products to be packed in an ecological way and in line with the idea of sustainable development. Paper packaging not only protects the environment, but also emphasize the product and gives it an ecological look. Our white paper packaging gives you an advantage over the competition – the customer is more likely to choose an ecological product!


  • high barrier to water vapor
  • high oxygen barrier
  • good weldability
  • high mechanical strength
  • FSC certificate
  • material intended for contact with food
  • possibility of packing on packaging machines into ready-made bags, e.g. Cofpack Doypack C 160 U


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REC PAPIER WHITE w naszym sklepie on-line.



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