Horizontal packaging machine COFPACK H/S

COFPACK H/S automated packaging machine – is designed to form and pack various types of products into unit packages. The machine can be configured with a packaging unwinding and forming unit or in a version with an accumulator of ready-made bags. Thanks to its versatility and functionality, it is perfect for packaging food products, cosmetics, and household chemicals.

types of packaging:

possible uses:
healthy foods, pet food, liquid soap, laundry capsules, washing powder, nuts, oatmeal, etc.

Types of packaging Fillers OPTIONS / ADVANTAGES

Thick liquid filler

Combination weigher

Auger filler

Central lubrication

Mechanical drive

Hole punch device (euro hole)

Spout inserting system 45o

Receiving conveyor
  • duplex system
  • zip inserting system
  • zip closing system
  • hole punch device
  • shape punch
  • receiving conveyor
  • spout system 90˚/45˚
  • tear notch device

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