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What is Biodegradability?

A recent buzzword, inflicted on various occasions, often together in the context of the greenhouse effect and CO2 emissions. But what is it really?
Following a simple logic, it should be a “bio” product that degrades – preferably automatically and in any environment. This perspective looks tempting – a candy bar wrapper that will unfold by itself – so basically you can throw it anywhere, after all, sooner or later it will disappear anyway.
However, the definition of biodegradable products is a bit more complex: it is the biochemical decomposition of organic compounds by saprobionts (mainly bacteria and fungi) into simple inorganic compounds. In addition to living organisms, natural factors such as sunlight, oxygen from the air and water also contribute to biodegradation.
This means that biodegradability has to be helped a little – it is best to support this process with biodynamic substances in the form of biohumus or in liquid.
The reward for doing so can be high – biodegradable and compostable packaging will be returned to the soil, and we will avoid a mountain of rubbish in our homes, homes and landfills.
Soon about how to start a “bio” style adventure.