50/430 STABILO

Vertical packaging machine COFPACK P/S STABILO

COFPACK P/S STABILO vertical packaging machine – is a technologically advanced vertical automated packaging machine, which can produce STABILO packaging (with four edge seals). By using other forming sets, it is possible to obtain a STABILO type bag (with a central rear weld), as well as a package with a side fold and a flat bag on the machine. The machine is equipped with automatic film feed and electric roll unwinding. Contrast data printed included in the price.

types of packaging:
STABILO, STABILO type pouches (with four edge seals and a central seal), SIDE-FOLD POUCH / GUSSET POUCH, FLAT POUCH

possible uses:
coffee, tea, cereals, grains, nuts, sweets, candies, wafers, nuts, etc.

types of packaging Fillers OPTIONS / ADVANTAGES

Thick liquid filler

Combination weigher

Auger filler

Linear weight filler

Volume carousel filler


Central seal STABILO
  • a STABILO central seal
  • a pouch holder
  • hole/handle punch device
  • STABILO foil forming set (a gusset pouch, a flat pouch)
  • static charge eliminator
  • a BOTTOM seal
  • inside valves applicator

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