Packaging machines for CUPS COFPACK K

PACKAGING MACHINES FOR CUPS COFPACK K – is a filling and packing machine of rotational construction (rotary table with cup slots around which individual stations responsible for packing and feeding are placed). It works fully automatically and is designed to feed and pack a full range of food processing industry products in EKO or BIO paper cups for loose products.

types of packaging:
cardboard CUP

possible uses:
instant soups, cereals, muesli, groats, etc.

Types of packaging Fillers OPTIONS / ADVANTAGES

Thick liquid filler

Combination weigher

Linear weight filler

Auger filler

Contrast data printer

Foil membrane on a roll

Aluminum lid

Automatic capping system
  • foil membrane on a roll
  • aluminum lid
  • contrast data printer
  • automatic capping system
  • additional cup size

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